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We've built a tool that integrates the Cloudwords Translation service into Adobe CQ.  The following document explains how to setup and use the Cloudwords Translation Wizard that has been integrated into Adobe CQ.  Additionally, it explains how the integration has been implemented and came be extended in the future for expanded functionality. This functionality allows existing CQ websites to be sent of to the Cloudwords Translation Service to be translated and later integrated into the existing CQ environment.  

* cloudwords-all-1.1.2.zip
Cloudwords Translation Connector Tool Package
* cloudwords-demo-all-1.0.zip
Cloudwords Translation Connector Demo Package
* Cloudwords-Connector-Guide.pdf
Cloudwords Translation Connector Tool User Guide


Learn more about Cloudwords here.


AEM6.1 Translation API Integration

Connector for AEM6.1

* cloudwords-translation-connector-1.0.5.zip
Connector to cloudwords for AEM6.1
* CloudwordsConnectorUserGuide_v1.01.pdf
Documentation for AEM6.1 Connector

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