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Development Setup

Ready to get started with CQ but you need to set up an infrastructure with SVN and continuous integration and want to structure your project based on maven? We can help you there.

This section of the site provides you with ready to use building blocks to get up and running quickly.

Features in this section:

  • Development Server in a Box (VM with Jenkins, SVN, Nexus, LDAP)
  • Maven Archetype for Adobe CQ Projects
  • Information on how to configure the Adobe upstream maven repository


Quickstart your CQ Project

Want to get your CQ Project off the ground quickly? We and others have some thoughts about that.


Tips & Tricks

The Tips & Tricks section on CQ Blueprints is laoded with information on how things can be done with CQ. There are always multiple ways how to achieve your goal - these tips and tricks can function as a guideline for you to see how others have donejust the thing you are looking for to do.



No mater if you are building a larger website with Adobe CQ or a small one - you may want to consider the architectural information that can be found in this section of the CQ Blueprints website. It should get you up and running quickly with information that has lead other projects to success.

(content currently offline - stay tuned for changes in this section)


Over the course of this year, we will release a set of tools that should make your life working with CQ a bit easier. We're not ready yet. If you know of a tool you'd like to see here please let us know.

AEM Consulting Services

Need help getting your AEM project off the ground? The team behind cqblueprints is available to take on your AEM project and help you to create a well cached, SEO friendly site implemented in AEM5.6 or AEM6

To contact us, please send an email to info@headwire.com

Do you find the information on this site useful? Do you think we should add an article on a specific subject? We'd like to hear from you. Please drop us an email @ info@headwire.com

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