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Component Challenge

4/10/2015: Writing good and reusable components is a key to a successful AEM implementation. AEM itself provides little guidance on how to develop best of breed components. The cqblueprints team has therefore decided to put up a component challenge to solicit your thoughts on how to best implement a set of basic components. 

The Challenge

Put forth a best of breed implementation for these components: 

  • title
  • text
  • image
  • text-image
  • title-text-image
The developed components
  • should at least provide the functionality of the foundation components with the same names (note, the title-text-image component does not exist in the foundation but should be an aggregate component of the title, text and image component, in a similar fashion as your text-image component). 
  • should support AEM5.6, AEM6 (and be compatible with AEM6.1)
All code has to be made available under the apache license terms.

How to Submit

Send and email to info@headwire.com with a link to a public repo or download location that can be shared with the public. You are free to post updates to your solution. 

There is no deadline for this challenge - the solutions are meant to evolve over time.

see the currently submitted components


All submissions will be posted on cqblueprints - the public (your peers) can vote and comment on all solutions.

What do You get By Submitting?

By submitting, you get bragging rights and you help the AEM community to produce better code in the long run. So what are you waiting for - give something back to the AEM community.

The cqblueprints team will send every accepted submitter a present for their participation.

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